How to Know If You Should Have Your Gutters Replaced

When you notice water stains on your ceilings, it could be a sign of a leaking roof. When you notice pooling of water on the bathroom floor, it could be a sign of clogged water drains. If something is not working properly in your home, there would be telltale signs that would let you know it’s time to take actions.

This is the same for problems in your gutters. Gutters are an important part of any home – they make sure that rainwater flows properly to a designated spot, usually away from your home.

If you spot the problem early, you could be lucky enough that repair would be sufficient to fix the problem with your gutters.

Admittedly, though, not all of us can detect gutter issues as soon as they happen. When this happens, the gutter problem would only get worse in time that you would be left with no other choice but to replace the gutters instead.

Is it time to have your gutters replaced? Here are the signs to watch out for:

Peeling paint off of the walls on your home.

While it might seem like two unrelated issues at first, peeling paint off of walls could actually be a sign that moisture has already made its way through your walls due to ineffective gutters.

Cracks on your gutters.

Snow damage could cause your gutters to crack. These cracks could cause the water to drip, or worse, it could totally cause your gutter to split – which is dangerous.

Sagging, dented, or deformation on your gutters.

Gutters tend to sag due to the excessive weight, usually because of debris build up. An uneven or sagging gutter is a sign that it might collapse anytime soon. It is best that you have it replaced before it falls on someone and cause an accident.

Advantages of Installing Gutter Guards

Damaged roofs are just one of the worst things you can ever encounter, especially during rainy and stormy months when roofing companies are fully booked. In addition, on these wet months, it isn’t easy nor safe for regular homeowners with no roofing experience to climb on the roof themselves and fix the problem.

Therefore, you have to do anything you can to take good care of your roof. Keeping a close watch on your roof at all times can help you detect even the slightest of signs that there’s something wrong with it, and can help you fix this problem before it worsens.

One of the most effective ways you can take care of your roof is by ensuring that water flows freely from your roof onto the ground. Roof gutters are your best friend if you want to eliminate water from your roof smoothly. For this reason, it only makes sense that you take great care of your gutters, too.

Gutter guards can help significantly in ensuring that your gutters are in great shape. There are many advantages to installing a gutter guard, including the following:

Preventing your gutters to be clogged with fallen leaves and branches. When your gutter gets clogged, water gets trapped, causing your roof to suffer water damage. Gutter guards act as filters so your gutter won’t get clogged.

Making it easier for you to clean your gutters. Although gutter guards keep the leaves and other debris from blocking your gutters, still, these blockages won’t magically remove themselves. You would have to manually remove them. But with gutter guard, clearing out these gutter clogs will be much easier.

Once water gets trapped on your roof and gutters because of clogs, rust can easily develop. Rust can be extremely damaging to your roof, leading to leaks. Rust may also lead for the need for you to replace your roofing. Gutter guards can prevent water accumulation by effectively letting it flow down your roof.